Students for Quality Health Care (SQHC) is a student organization at the Boston University School of Public Health which aims to provide a platform for students to engage professionally and socially in the public health field.

SQHC has an interest in understanding the role of quality control and improvement in health care.  SQHC explores the latest issues associated with quality in the U.S. health care delivery system at the federal and local level.  We strive to raise awareness through activism, hosting educational speaker series, and participating in conferences and competitions pertaining to relevant health policy issues.  SQHC seeks to provide opportunities to gain hands-on experience with quality improvement projects and facilitate exposure to local research initiatives and practicum opportunities.

SQHC is also the Boston University School of Public Health chapter of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and seeks to connect the School of Public Health to the BU Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) chapter which is similarly involved in health care quality projects.  We participate in IHI training and certification as well as collaborate with other IHI Open School Chapters in the northeast region.


Advocacy – We believe that health care is a right, not just a privilege

Quality Improvement – We establish a commitment to learning through IHI’s training and certification in quality improvement and engage with other IHI Open School Chapters

Education – We believe that improving quality in health care requires increasing both knowledge and awareness.  Through the Speaker Series, SQHC aims to educate patients, providers, and advocates on current issues, policies, and controversies in health care.










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